#20 St. Augustine, May 24

#20 St. Augustine, May 24 at Vilano Port beach St. Augustine Florida! The Oldest city in America. Therefore the oldest lasting Port in America! With its thick walled Fort, Cannon Placements and the Oldest home in America it was for me a particularly special harbor. What a beautiful place! Doreen had never been there before but we fell in love with the area even before seeing the gorgeous beach. We drove in feeling God was going to do something special there either in us or through us. Because we still were without a car, Vicky (the zone) leader came to … More #20 St. Augustine, May 24 »

#19 Daytona Beach, May 23

As we arrived in our motor home we saw God’s provision immediately! We tried to find parking, which is not easy in something that size. It was only pay by meter and we had to take two parking spots so we didn’t quite know what to do. Just then, the meter man showed up (angel number ?) and said not to worry about taking 2 spots and only asked us to pay for one spot. 3 hours later, we went back to add money since we were there longer than we thought we’d be and he just happened to come … More #19 Daytona Beach, May 23 »

#18 Cape Canaveral, May 22

#18 Cape Canaveral, May 22 at Freddie Patrick Boat Ramp The beauty of the presence of The Lord was at each Port of Florida. Though each was different, each was wonderful in its own way. We really missed Dianne being with us and our hearts were hurting for her and what she was facing with Greg’s, (her husbands’) passing, but Jesus in His own way filled the void of her absence… Oh the uniqueness of Port Canaveral, it will linger in our hearts and minds for many years to come. From the space launch at Cape Canaveral when we arrived, … More #18 Cape Canaveral, May 22 »

#17 Fort Pierce, May 19

#17 Fort Pierce, May 19 at South Jetty Park This was Rick and my first gate alone, after Dianne left to be with her husband. It was difficult for us to move on as our hearts were so heavy for her in hearing of Greg’s quick decline and her having to drive back to Sarasota late into the night. My husband wanted me to go with her but she felt very strongly about the Lord wanting this assignment to continue on, which we were in agreement with. It was a bit overwhelming for us as well at the thought of … More #17 Fort Pierce, May 19 »

#16 Jupiter Inlet, May 17

#16 Jupiter Inlet, May 17 BEAUTIFUL Jupiter Inlet!!! We arrived and storm clouds were brewing. Thunder, lighting and rain began… we kept praying and really felt Gods promise. As Rick was walking to the pavilion he handed a tract into the window of an RV to a couple and said, Jesus loves you. He invited them to join. The storm lightened up to a light drizzle and we got together in the big pavilion talked, read declarations, and had communion. Nick us who lives in Jupiter LOVES his inlet and opened our meeting with a bit of history, passionate prayer … More #16 Jupiter Inlet, May 17 »

#15 Fort Lauderdale, May 15

#15 Fort Lauderdale, May 15 at Hugh Birch State park (intracoastal & beach) Sally chose this STRATEGIC LOCATION – The Intracoastal Waterway is a 3,000-mile inland waterway along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts of the United States, running from Massachusetts southward along the Atlantic Seaboard and around the southern tip of Florida, then following the Gulf Coast to Brownsville, Texas. Cheryl, Richard and Carol joined in and they had just been with us 2 days before in Miami. It was a first where intercessors from the previous gateway came along to the next. How awesome is that. Rick … More #15 Fort Lauderdale, May 15 »

#14 Miami Harbors, May 13

#14 Miami Harbors/ North Miami, May 13 Miami harbors fell on statewide declarations day and the intention was over Israel. What an amazing group. Doreen and I got to have long lunch with Cheryl the day before, hear her and Richard’s REMARKABLE testimony that should be made into a movie! We fell in love with her right away. It was so good to connect before the event. Then that night Doreen and I went down to the harbor park walked, prayed and sang for an hour or so. Always love to have extra time in the location. Met with intercessors … More #14 Miami Harbors, May 13 »

#13 Key Largo, May 11

#13 Key Largo, May 11 at Snooks Sunset Restaurant What a night! We left Key West and headed for Key Largo hoping to get there by sunset. We had tried to arrange meeting with intercessors but they could not come. God’s Grace was upon us as there was no traffic all the way. Once we got to the key we raced around a bit to find a beach or lookout point… finally just in time we saw a tiny sign to an obscure road to Snooks Sunset Restaurant. Wow- a BEAUTIFUL romantic setting. The Lord ministered to Doreen and I … More #13 Key Largo, May 11 »

#12 Key West, May 11

#12 Key West, May 11 – Mile Marker Zero & Mallory Square Keena and Kelly met us in Key West & we celebrated Keena’s birthday there! Such a joy to all be together. Very important sequence to note that Keena had accomplished the I95 assignment December 2022, passing the declarations baton form Miami to Maine, and she said it was strategic for her to declare and worship at THIS gateway Mile Marker Zero that connects to I95 and all the way up the east coast. A divine birthday connection for sure. The wind carried the presence at Mile Marker ZERO … More #12 Key West, May 11 »

#11 Chocoloskee Bay / Marco Island May 9

#11 Chocoloskee Bay at Marco Island beach, May 9 Nicole and children.  I have been struggling with words for this one because I was, and am, so moved. So wonderful to have children with us – love intergenerational worship. We began with Rick and Doreen under a shady tree sharing stories from the road and missions with the cross, declarations and communion. Nicole prayed over her region with prophetic passion.  Then we all walked out in the blazing sun to the glorious beach. Nicole is such a deep intercessor and worshiper. She had never used flags before, nor the children … More #11 Chocoloskee Bay / Marco Island May 9 »