#20 St. Augustine, May 24

#20 St. Augustine, May 24 at Vilano Port beach

St. Augustine Florida! The Oldest city in America. Therefore the oldest lasting Port in America! With its thick walled Fort, Cannon Placements and the Oldest home in America it was for me a particularly special harbor. What a beautiful place! Doreen had never been there before but we fell in love with the area even before seeing the gorgeous beach. We drove in feeling God was going to do something special there either in us or through us.

Because we still were without a car, Vicky (the zone) leader came to pick us up at the campground. We met the rest of the team and walked to the spot where Vicky felt led of the Lord to meet. It was very special and it was a very anointed time of fellowship and worship. We were at the very mouth of the inlet that led into St. Augustine itself. As we gathered we all immediately felt the unity that has happened so often at each port on this journey and I do believe that Unity of the body was one of the main purposes of this assignment, at least that’s what the Lord kept saying to us. The worship time was absolutely beautiful! As we danced, prayed and communed with the Lord and each other there on the warm sand and water’s edge, we were lost in adoration for our King, which continued for quite awhile. Then we walked over to some rocks that jetted out into the ocean where Rick led us in a beautiful time of communion. It truly was a very powerful time. We rejoiced in our every growing family of God. We fell in love with new brothers and sisters in Christ.

We all went to a cafe for a late breakfast and broke bread together and shared stories. It is always hard to leave new friends in the Lord, but they shared that they would be coming to one of the other harbors which was wonderful to worship and pray with them once again.


Dianne: Rejoining team 22 at St. Augustine. I feel so raw, but walking on the beach at sunrise ministered to my soul and being back with my brother and sister on the assignment to finish together felt so right. So deeply grateful for the BODY of CHRIST continuing the mission.

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  1. We truly felt the synergy of the 461 years of prayer coming from St Augustine. The Lord specifically gathered the intercessors for this place and the worship was powerful. The beauty of the fellowship and gorgeous creation surrounding us was breathtaking! All praise to Jesus!

    1. AMEN Vicki! Thank you for all your work and intercession for the Kingdom. That is a long heritage of prayer – what an honor to be a part!

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