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ABOUT PrayerLink

In October of 2021, God gave me an assignment to connect prayer warriors in all 67 counties in Florida. His purpose was to speak out declarations over our counties and state, thus shifting the atmosphere over Florida. By July of 2023, fifty states and DC  joined us.

His purpose is to connect the prayer warriors for several purposes. First, is to monthly declarations over over your county/city/state.  Second, it is God’s desire is to connect intercessors across the state and nation, heart-to-heart rather than ministry-to-ministry. He wants His body to come into UNITY for His plans and His purposes for our states and nation.

Thirdly, God desires  24/7 prayer across each state. Each county has a 12 hour block of time to cover in prayer each month. The monthly declaration will be read each hour as well as covering specific prayer points for the month.

This assignment has expanded over time with 24/7 prayer, land redemption, prayer strikes and occupying our harbors and ports with worship/dance/prayer walking.

We are committed to operate in a culture of Honor among the intercessors and leaders so the Ekklesia can unite across each state.  We are laying down our titles and our individual agendas to build our states into His Kingdom here on earth.

This is an amazing journey with God moments every single week! I am blessed to be able to meet all the amazing intercessors and leaders across the great state of Florida and Beyond! I pray I stay humble before the Lord and others and that I hear ONLY His voice to unite the state AS ONE.

Because of Christ,
Keena Cowsert, PrayLink Director