Meet Our Team

Dr. KEENA COWSERT     PrayerLink Director

Keena’s corporate background as a regional training manager over 13 states, building teams for a fortune 500 organization made her a good choice for this assignment. She retains a Master’s in Speech Communication and a Doctorate in Pastoral and Community Counseling. Since 2000, you can find her teaching Public Speaking for a local university and master’s and doctoral online classes in counseling for Liberty University. In October of 2021, God gave her an assignment to connect intercessors across the 67 counties in Florida. Keena travels the state meeting intercessors and leaders from Miami to Pensacola! She has placed feet on ground to pray in 65 of the 67 counties. She resides in Manatee County.

NICOLE SIMON     24/7 Prayer Coordinator

Nicole is a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, wife to her genuinely supportive husband Neil, and homeschool mom to Joshua, Hannah and Jack. Originally hailing from Chicago, she set her sights on southwest Florida and has called Naples her home since 2004. As the National Director of Teams and Training for Women’s Life Relaunch, a Stephen’s minister, small group facilitator, and a leader in her community, she is a woman with a servant’s heart and a passion for prayer and intercession. When not occupied with ministry or homeschooling, Nicole loves to spend time with family and friends, travel to the mountains, and is an avid reader, who is never satisfied diving into just one book at a time. She resides in Collier county.


State Zone Coordinator – North FL

under construction…….


State Zone Coordinator – South/Central FL

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DIANNE STEELE      Coastal Gateways

Dianne is an expressive worshiper with a background in dance, art and music – presenting, teaching and leading worship. Her prophetic artwork is very recently being reproduced onto silks for worship flags.  Since moving to Florida in 2017 God has given her an intercessor’s love for the land.  God has called her to organize teams to worship, dance, flag, and prayer walk in the harbor & port gateways to our state. Dianne is also a PrayerLinkFL board member and resides in Sarasota County.

LAURA KING     Chaplain

Laura moved to Florida from England in March 2008 and became a naturalized citizen in February 2015. She became a Licensed Chaplain in 2014 after training with International Fellowship Of Chaplains (IFOC). She is currently the Chaplain to the PrayerLink intercessors and resides in Manatee county.

Our Code of Honor

The granting of HONOR to others is an essential experience in the believer’s life. Christians are to bestow HONOR on those for whom HONOR is due. The believer is to HONOR God, for He is the sovereign head of the universe and His character is unsurpassed. The believer is to HONOR those in positions of earthly authority, such as governing authorities ( Rom 13:1-7 ), masters ( 1 Tim 6:1 ), and parents ( Exod 20:12 ). As a participant in the church, the believer is also called to HONOR Jesus Christ, the head of the church ( John 5:23 ), fellow believers ( Rom 12:10 ), and widows ( 1 Tim 5:3 ). While receiving HONOR is a positive experience, it is not to be sought ( Luke 14:7-8 ). When HONOR comes from others by reason of position or status, it is not to be taken for granted. The recipients should seek HONOR through Godly character. HONOR can be lost through disobedience, division or gossip and will mark your character ( 2 Cor 6:8 ).

Each person agreeing to be part of the FLORIDA COUNCIL is expected to walk in integrity, preferring others above oneself (Phil 2:3). If you have an issue with another person, you are to leave your gift at the alter and FIRST go and be reconciled (Matt. 5:24). There must be UNITY, not division in the body. These are expectations for anyone stepping into this team.