#21 Jacksonville, May 25

#21 Jacksonville, May 25 at St Johns River

Rejoining the team at Jacksonville after being away and missing 4 gates, I had to be here – my home did not feel like home at the moment because I really belonged on the assignment in spite of how raw my heart was after my husband’s passing. I am so grateful for the everyone continuing on with the assignment to the 22 harbors! Doreen and Rick are amazing I am ever grateful. It is seared into my heart the power of the unstoppable BODY OF CHRIST! Oh my goodness the love in air was so soothing and healing…

As we gathered before the event a young woman came up to me asking to take her picture and we got into an amazing talk about Jesus. Rick joined us and shared a tract and she said this was the best version of Christianity she had ever seen and that it was healing her memories.

Golden light from the setting sun was just beautiful. Breon, Regional Coordinator for the North Zones – prayed out powerfully hailing in the presence of God. The whole group in high faith and praise with declarations, communion and worship beyond description. So glorious the procession out on the boardwalk over the water declaring the kingdom of God in the region. People stopped and lingered.

Once again Doreen felt led to witness and ask a young man who was with his friends there hanging out in the path if he knew Jesus, he said, No – and so she asked if he wanted to receive Jesus. He said “Yes m’am!” The whole group gathered to pray over him to receive and Breon took him under his wing and invited him to his church. Another salvation in the gates! What a great return to the journey – it could not have been more amazing.

Mighty mighty blessings over Jacksonville!! Onward to gate 22.

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