#22 Port Fernandina May 26

#22 Fernandina Harbor, May 26

The final coastal gateway of the 22– HalleluYAH!

On our way we stopped at a nearby marina restroom and Doreen saw on a table a Bible open with a grey conch pointing to Joel 3 (Complete Jewish Bible) After this I will pour out my Spirit on all mankind… WOW!! (traditionalJoel 2:28-32 KJV )

We were so overwhelmed only God, could do such a thing. This was set up before we got there, and that that was the place we stopped, and here in our final destination of the journey – we were just overcome with JOY and confirmation. This is the verse on my worship flag called “the Outpouring” which the Holy Spirit led me to paint through intercession and convert onto silk for worship. Its just amazing. We worshiped with these flags over every harbor on the journey.

Very powerful location at Port Fernandina opening into the Atlantic and where we could clearly see Georgia across the water. Staci, hub coordinator for Nassau, shared some history of the importance of Fernandina and her calling and passion to DAILY prayer in this location for years! WOW.

As with all the 22 harbors we celebrated with declarations & communion. Rick climbed down the cliff to throw bread on the waters, we worshiped in great joy (and wind) and dolphins came into the harbor. There we finally emptied the blessed waters from the 22 harbors connecting the gates of pearl. AMEN and AMEN.

Thank you Team 22, Keena, Fernandina intercessors, and all you who tuned in for an amazing anointed finish – and thanks to the dolphins for showing up!

Team 22 at Fernandina Harbor – mission accomplished. The “Pearly Gates” have been united and strung together! Praise God! Let’s keep the altar fires burning – occupy your territory with ongoing worship to the end of days.

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  1. Glory to God! I’m very glad and thankful y’all did this. I see some new friends’ faces in the group photo. I am full of joy reading about your prayer & worship gathering in Fernandina’s harbor. All pearl gates linked together for the glory and renown of our Lord! Praise God!

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