#19 Daytona Beach, May 23

As we arrived in our motor home we saw God’s provision immediately! We tried to find parking, which is not easy in something that size. It was only pay by meter and we had to take two parking spots so we didn’t quite know what to do. Just then, the meter man showed up (angel number ?) and said not to worry about taking 2 spots and only asked us to pay for one spot. 3 hours later, we went back to add money since we were there longer than we thought we’d be and he just happened to come to do his 2nd round and this time told us not to even worry about paying. God provides! What a God thing, not to mention a blessing.

We met Lisa Marie the zone leader in that area, she led us through some prayers and then a big group of our friends from Belleview Fla. 2 hours away, (where Rick preached 2 years ago) came to join us! Carol, brought a group of about 15 people with her and a “great deal of enthusiasm!” Carol’s group was so excited to be a part of praying and declaring over Florida with us. We all rejoiced together as we shared in Communion as our custom was at each port.

Also as we got started, the weather, was looking very ominous but we prayed that God would stay the bad weather, AND HE DID!! We then gathered in a big circle under the palm trees and took turn reading parts of the declarations and praying. I noticed a man was standing back watching us so I invited him to join in. We also prayed over him as he shared with us he was going in for surgery that week. He was so grateful and we knew it was a divine appointment.

Next everyone scattered around to pray and worship with the flags to the praise music we played. Tourists and locals alike stopped to watch and listen. Some asked questions which gave opportunity to share Jesus and our mission to pray over the Ports and Harbors of Florida with all its drug trafficking, human trafficking and contraband that comes into our nation through these ports. Finally, we had everyone gather and sign the back of the map and hear how the vision that the Lord gave Dianne came about. The joy and excitement at this port was electric!

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