#16 Jupiter Inlet, May 17

#16 Jupiter Inlet, May 17

BEAUTIFUL Jupiter Inlet!!! We arrived and storm clouds were brewing. Thunder, lighting and rain began… we kept praying and really felt Gods promise. As Rick was walking to the pavilion he handed a tract into the window of an RV to a couple and said, Jesus loves you. He invited them to join. The storm lightened up to a light drizzle and we got together in the big pavilion talked, read declarations, and had communion. Nick us who lives in Jupiter LOVES his inlet and opened our meeting with a bit of history, passionate prayer for the region and sang a beautiful communion song. 

As we began to worship the skies cleared so we went down to the water. Frank sang out live over a mic – voice sailing out over the waters and it was just awesome. I just want to Speak the name of Jesus… this was the first time it was someone else LIVE playing other than Doreen. His heart for the Kingdom so evident in his exuberant praise.

Doreen said Sally (the camper from the RV ) was hungry for God and when she heard about what we were doing she said “I’m going!” She had never flagged before and Doreen explained about the walls between and inside coming down and she lit up. It was a divine appointment. Her husband prayer walked and joined in as well..

The beauty as the sky cleared, the Joy that descended and the glorious sunset was so full of God’s presence. God is faithful. Once again amazing worship freedom on the beach including some who had never held a flag before.

I loved the live music. I loved Rick sharing communion. I loved Frank’s freedom. live music, his eyes on Jesus. I loved his song choices. I loved dancing in the sand barefoot and then stepping into the water. I loved seeing such freedom in these people of God. I loved dancing with Doreen. I loved coming out from the pavilion onto the beach- the contrast from the storm into the sunset glory. Oh the sky… so beautiful.

Mighty Blessings on Jupiter Inlet.


The following night May 18, 9:30 pm at the campsite I received the call that my husband Greg had been taken to the ER. He had been suffering with Alzheimer’s for over 10 years and I have been his caregiver. I drove across the state on a dark desolate road and arrived at the ER 12:30 am and spent the next 17 hours with my husband. He took his last breath in my arms May 19, 5:20pm.

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