Day 2: GA, SC, NC

Hi everyone! We were in Savannah GA this morning and met with 3 other intercessors to speak out declarations over GA. Kathy Todd, with HAPN, was our host this morning. Shout out to all the HAPN!

In the afternoon we were in Florence, SC with 21 intercessors!! We met at Lamb’s Chapel and the pastor lead us in the I-95 Awakening Fire declaration. We began with the blowing of shofars, are were joined by many others across the state in this act to awaken the state. Melanie Gibson hosted our time together and shared many prophetic words over her state.

In the evening we were in Fayetteville, NC at Cliffdale Church. Thank you Pastor Andrew for opening up your building to us! Shout out to Merry Medford for organizing it for all of us to come together. We had 3 people representing 3 different Native American tribes, someone representing Barbados and the Caribbean, and someone representing Black America. TWO OF THESE WOMEN (Judy and Mary) were in a SERIOUS ACCIDENT today. Please pray for them! Judy is still in the hospital. We claim Yeshua’s blood over them and complete healing.

See my FB page for live video feed.