#14 Miami Harbors, May 13

#14 Miami Harbors/ North Miami, May 13 Miami harbors fell on statewide declarations day and the intention was over Israel. What an amazing group. Doreen and I got to have long lunch with Cheryl the day before, hear her and Richard’s REMARKABLE testimony that should be made into a movie! We fell in love with her right away. It was so good to connect before the event. Then that night Doreen and I went down to the harbor park walked, prayed and sang for an hour or so. Always love to have extra time in the location. Met with intercessors … More #14 Miami Harbors, May 13 »

#13 Key Largo, May 11

#13 Key Largo, May 11 at Snooks Sunset Restaurant What a night! We left Key West and headed for Key Largo hoping to get there by sunset. We had tried to arrange meeting with intercessors but they could not come. God’s Grace was upon us as there was no traffic all the way. Once we got to the key we raced around a bit to find a beach or lookout point… finally just in time we saw a tiny sign to an obscure road to Snooks Sunset Restaurant. Wow- a BEAUTIFUL romantic setting. The Lord ministered to Doreen and I … More #13 Key Largo, May 11 »

#12 Key West, May 11

#12 Key West, May 11 – Mile Marker Zero & Mallory Square Keena and Kelly met us in Key West & we celebrated Keena’s birthday there! Such a joy to all be together. Very important sequence to note that Keena had accomplished the I95 assignment December 2022, passing the declarations baton form Miami to Maine, and she said it was strategic for her to declare and worship at THIS gateway Mile Marker Zero that connects to I95 and all the way up the east coast. A divine birthday connection for sure. The wind carried the presence at Mile Marker ZERO … More #12 Key West, May 11 »

#11 Chocoloskee Bay / Marco Island May 9

#11 Chocoloskee Bay at Marco Island beach, May 9 Nicole and children.  I have been struggling with words for this one because I was, and am, so moved. So wonderful to have children with us – love intergenerational worship. We began with Rick and Doreen under a shady tree sharing stories from the road and missions with the cross, declarations and communion. Nicole prayed over her region with prophetic passion.  Then we all walked out in the blazing sun to the glorious beach. Nicole is such a deep intercessor and worshiper. She had never used flags before, nor the children … More #11 Chocoloskee Bay / Marco Island May 9 »

#10 Fort Myers, May 8

#10 Fort Myers, May 8 at Centenial Park BIG group! They have been interceding together over the city for many years and it is such a blessing to feel the difference, the unity and  the power of a group that is covenanted to the land. Bless you team Ft. Myers for your faithfulness! In the beginning Janice shared her vision of angel armies over the waters… Doreen sang with guitar, I just want to speak the name of Jesus. I have never ever seen her so free! She was so unselfconscious. I was so happy and surprised to see Linda … More #10 Fort Myers, May 8 »

#9 Charlotte Harbor, May 5

#9 Charlotte Harbor, May 5 at Gilchrist Park Beautiful Team Charlotte! This is the first group I began sharing this 22 harbors assignment with back in November 2022. I really didn’t know how to begin and the LORD says “Follow the Love”. And so this group, these 4 couples have been meeting together for years and go to my home church, Victory. Oh my goodness the incredible unity. I just LOVE them. It was so powerful to join with them on the journey. How to I even begin.. we spoke out the declarations, everyone prayed out spontaneously and shared hearts … More #9 Charlotte Harbor, May 5 »

#8 Sarasota Bay, May 4

#8 Sarasota Bay, May 4 at Bayfront Park Sarasota Bay falls on National Day of Prayer! Wow. There is a lot going on in town. several who said they would come had other prayer commitments. So we’re small but mighty. This is my home . I love this harbor and have spent many hours here enjoying the beauty and praying over the city. My husband Greg and I began this harbors ministry together the night before storm Ian. I felt the Lord say for Rick to carry the cross around the Bayfront walkway. It was so awesome we ministered, witnessed … More #8 Sarasota Bay, May 4 »

#7 Tampa Bay / Skyway South Pier May 3

#7 Tampa Bay at the Skyway South Pier, & Ballast Point Pier May 3 Such a huge Harbor with many ports within and many different concerns to pray for. The location at the south pier of the Skyway is truly the gateway to this this massive bay we can see the Skyway, Tampa, and Port Manatee known for human trafficking. Intercessor Mary prayed several locations on the north side including Ballast Pier, shipping channel and cruise port  –  at the same time we were out, which is a great strategic placement for a large gateway. Also intercessor Nancy gathered a … More #7 Tampa Bay / Skyway South Pier May 3 »

#6 Hudson Harbor, April 27

#6 Hudson Harbor at Hudson Beach, April 27 Doreen and I went to Hudson beach hours Before the event and chose a place under a pavilion and worshiped there until Rick, Jennifer and Keena arrived. We really felt the power and the rest, having time in the space to pray before the event. For me it was AMAZING to be with Doreen & Rick my long time dearest friends and singing/evangelical partners, AND Jennifer my first friend from Florida and dancing buddy AND big plus Keena first friend I made after I moved to Florida and ministry connection… PrayerLink connection! … More #6 Hudson Harbor, April 27 »

#5 Apalachee Bay, April 25

#5 Apalachee Bay, April 25 Shell Point Beach Our meeting was at the same time a group was releasing a turtle into the water… many were gathered for the event. Rick, Doreen and I got there an hour early and had a long chat and witness with one of the turtle watchers. He shared that his cousin wrote a song about Jesus and asked him to write the music. It was powerful and felt for sure a God appointment. Just loved the intercessors who came what beautiful hearts for God, LaDonna, Suzie and Jane. Jane had the same spiritual birthday … More #5 Apalachee Bay, April 25 »